€40 per month working-from-home compensation


MAASTRICHT. All Maastricht University employees will receive a working-from-home compensation of €40 net per month until June 2021. This includes €30 for Internet expenses and €10 for the so-called ‘free space working expenses regulation’. The compensation paid by the UM is higher than the €25 that Dutch universities mutually agreed upon.

The monthly amount of €40 is the same for everyone, whether that person works full-time or part-time, says the memo from the Executive Board to the University Council. The limit is a minimum appointment of 0.2 FTE (one day a week). Those who work less than that, will receive the monthly compensation for internet costs, but not the €10 extra. The Executive Board also stated that the costs of the working-from-home compensation will be paid by one’s own unit.

Public transport season tickets for employees had already been cancelled back in spring and fixed travelling expenses have not been paid since 1 November. The UM did pay out a one-time amount of €50 (in June 2020) and a maximum of €254 (in December 2020) to compensate for the cost of working from home.

At the moment, the unions, such as FNV, Aob, CNV and FBZ, are again negotiating the universities’ collective bargaining agreement for employees. Working-from-home compensation is an important theme in the negotiations, as is attention for work pressure.


How much do other universities compensate in 2021 (as far as is known)?

-University of Amsterdam: €25
-Eindhoven University of Technology: €30
-Delft University of Technology: €50
-University of Groningen: €25
-Tilburg University: €45

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