Starting today: sixty extra study places at Tapijn


MAASTRICHT. From today, Monday 22 February, vulnerable students can also study in Loods V at Tapijn. There is space for a maximum of sixty students. Study places may also become available at other locations of the university library soon.

Since the strict lockdown of December 14, only the university library in the city center has been open to vulnerable students to a limited extent. Think of people who suffer from concentration problems, loneliness, physical or mental problems. 150 places are available per day at the Grote Looiersstraat, divided over two time slots. Now sixty places on Tapijn have been added.

The other locations of the University Library are keeping their doors closed for the time being, says the vice-president of the Executive Board, Nick Bos. However, he is already examining with the building managers what is possible, should the government relax the measures. "In addition, it is a possibility that the number of students in a dire situation will also increase if the lockdown continues for longer." In that case, too, Bos wants to offer a “suitable solution”.

Starting today: sixty extra study places at Tapijn
Author: Yuri Meesen


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