INKOM 2021 theme: These are the times


MAASTRICHT. The theme for INKOM 2021 is ‘These are the times’, announced the Working Group INKOM (WGI) last Friday in a YouTube video. It is still not clear what the Inkom will look like this year. “At the moment, we are working with four scenarios,” says WGI chairperson and medical student Iris Vloet.

You have to be flexible when you want to organise a large event in times such as these. “We would love to be able to look into a crystal ball, to see what the situation will be like in August,” Vloet laughs. “Will we be allowed to organise events? How many people can attend? Will we be allowed to sell alcohol in the evenings? Will the activities, as was the case last year, have to be of either a sporty or an educational nature? Can we work with rapid tests and proofs of vaccination? It all depends on what the cabinet, the Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg and the university decide.”

Exactly when the WGI will make a decision, is not clear yet. “There comes a time when our suppliers need to know what we plan on doing,” says Vloet. Although she does expect to be able to announce the programme at the normal time – so the beginning of June.

Then the theme: These are the times. “It refers to the INKOM being that time when you start thinking about what kind of student you want to be, what suits you.” Just like previous years, the WGI made a short film to introduce the theme. Prior to the announcement, viewers could watch a short interview with the members. Remarkable detail: it was in Dutch. “True,” says Vloet. “Normally, we organise drinks for all parties with whom we collaborate. They are pretty much all Dutch. So, just to dress it up a little and introduce ourselves, we recorded that interview. That was mainly for them. The video that we will distribute via our social media, will have English subtitles.”

INKOM 2021 theme: These are the times
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