Saurians back on the water with four at a time


MAASTRICHT. “So much fun, our first training again. It is strange to be in the boat with so many people ”, it sounds on Wednesday afternoon at the jetty at Saurus. The four rowers and the steer in the boat are looking forward to it. As of today, young people under the age of 27 practice sports together again.

One of the rowers is second-year biomedical sciences student Floor Kaalberg. “Until now we could train with a maximum of two at a time, now finally with four again. We are going to practice for the "sparring races" that Saurus organizes. Those are races against people from the association.”

From today, you can also practice outside on the ergometer. That again means plenty of weekly trainings again: “Twice in the boat and once on the ergo. Exercise helps to deal with the crisis, ”says Kaalberg. "It’s so nice to see everyone in person again instead of on Zoom."

A total of fourteen boats are leaving today. Via a tight schedule, Saurus chairman Karel van Melle explains. Everyone can get back to work, because all active rowers at Saurus are younger than 27. However, for the time being only the single, two and four-person boats will start. “According to Dutch rules, the women’s and men’s eight - including steers - are also allowed to go back on the water,” says Van Melle. “But in Belgium those are four too many. Since we row across the border, the eight-person boats will remain aside for the time being. ”

Saurians back on the water with four at a time
Author: Yuri Meesen


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