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MAASTRICHT. There are too few study places at Maastricht University. The student delegation of the university council wrote this in a letter to the executive board this week. Even before the letter was discussed in the council, the number of study places had already been expanded.

Until recently, 150 study places were available in the university library in the city center. At the end of February, sixty places were added in Loods V on Tapijn and since last Monday, not 150 but 250 people can go to the inner city UL. Today, on Friday 12 March, the UL in Randwyck and the Paul Henri Spaaklaan will also open their doors. Then the XXL weeks start, the weeks before and during the exam week in which the library has longer opening hours. There will be a total of 520 chairs, UB director Ingrid Wijk tells the council. "And if there are still some easing, we can return to the level from before Christmas." Then there were 950 places.

A good thing, according to a delighted student delegation. However, there is still a lot to be done in the field of communication, they think. Student council member Laurens Bierens: "Not everyone knows that you can study on campus." That is also being worked on, says Wijk. “We make extensive use of our social media channels and ask faculties to share our posts. And if all goes well, there will be a message on Canvas from today.”

Finally, there was a lack of clarity about who is and who is not eligible for a study place. The rule is that only vulnerable students are allowed access: people who suffer from concentration problems, loneliness, physical or mental problems. Student council member Luc van Galen: "When do you belong to this group?" That is a matter of self-diagnosis, says Nick Bos, vice president of the executive board. However: “People who have an indication of the disability office are given priority. Ten percent of all places are reserved for them, ”Wijk emphasizes.

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