Universities go for GroenLinks, D66, VVD and Volt


THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. GroenLinks, D66, VVD and Volt. Those are the political parties (in that sequence) that will get the most votes from employees and students from various universities throughout the country this week. This is the outcome of a survey held by the university media in Utrecht (only among students), Rotterdam, Twente, Groningen and Delft.

Top five of the various university media also includes Forum voor Democratie (Groningen, Utrecht and Rotterdam), CDA (Rotterdam and Twente), ChristenUnie (Twente) and DENK (Delft). In addition, there is still a considerable group – fluctuating between 17 and 26 per cent – that still hasn’t made a choice and refers to themselves as floating voters.

Maastricht should also have been included in this list, but the survey taken by Observant was manipulated by people who would love to see Forum voor Democratie win or who were just up for a foolish prank. Because of this, the survey was useless, although it did show - after detracting the rogue submissions - a picture that doesn’t differ much from the national figures: D66, VVD, GroenLinks. In that sequence.

As far as themes that determine the vote are concerned, the various university cities are fairly unanimous when we look at the top five: climate takes first place everywhere, followed by – not a coincidence – higher education, Europe, equal opportunities, and housing.


Universities go for GroenLinks, D66, VVD and Volt
Author: Riki Janssen


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