“We already have a fine now anyway”


MAASTRICHT. “We are sitting apart!”, a guy shouts this Wednesday afternoon to a city enforcer in the park. The guy sees a hole, jumps up and runs away. His friends get a ticket: 95 euros per person.

Due to the beautiful weather, it is crowded in the city park, just like Monday and Tuesday. Too busy on Tuesday; around three o'clock everyone was cleared by the police and city enforcement. The municipality seems to want to prevent eviction today. There is a lot of police and city enforcement going on. About ten in total. The rules: “Maximum of two people, unless people live in the same house,” explains one of the boas (city enforcers).

No warnings, immediate fines. For example to the sisters Tessa and Nikki Meijer, both medical students. Not fair, they think. Nikki and her boyfriend Bas are sitting on a towel and a meter and a half further sister Tessa is sitting on another. "There is a meter and a half away, right?" Yes it is, but they were fined anyway. Nikki: “It’s three of us are here and that is not allowed. But if Nikki and I had still lived in the same house, it would have been fine. ”

They will still finish their beers. "We already have a fine now." They still try to enjoy the weather, although that is difficult. "We only talk about the fine now." They are going to file a formal appeal. “It feels really unfair.”

“We already have a fine now anyway”
Author: Yuri Meesen


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