COVID-19-proof studying in SBE classrooms


MAASTRICHT. A couple of large tables, four chairs, cleaning cloths and a bin in each room. For a week now, there have also been study spaces available at the School of Business and Economics. With this, it is the first faculty where this is possible.

All in all, thirteen classrooms on the Tongerseweg 53 have been made available, says Paul Hick, IT and Facilities cluster manager at SBE. “According to the COVID-19 regulations, six students are allowed to study together in one room, but to be on the safe side, we are allowing a maximum of four.”

This means that a total of 52 students can be there at the same time. They can reserve a spot via the university library’s website. “Students from all faculties,” Hick emphasises. Students can claim a three-hour time slot. Upon arrival, they scan the QR code on their reserved table. If they don’t do that, the reservation becomes void after half an hour, he explains.

Until now, it has been used “reasonably well”, says Hick. “We made all the necessary preparations last Tuesday; it was announced last Wednesday, and one hour later there were students present.” He estimates that about thirty people visit the classrooms every day.

Among them this Tuesday are Shulah Mensah and Elif Karakurt, both master’s students of International Business. They are glad with the study spaces because it is still quiet there, they have the room to themselves so they can have a discussion. Karakurt is student adviser of the faculty board and Mensah is a tutor. “It is convenient for our work here at the faculty.”

COVID-19-proof studying in SBE classrooms
Author: Yuri Meesen
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