Finally! Higher education open for one day a week again

Finally! Higher education open for one day a week again

20-04-2021 · News

THE NETHERLANDS/MAASTRICHT. From next Monday on, students are allowed to come to the campus of their university or university of applied sciences again one day a week. This was just confirmed by outgoing Prime Minister Rutte during a press conference.

These were exciting days for higher education: can the doors open again carefully, or not? Student organizations, administrators and politicians have been arguing for more lessons on campus for months, but the cabinet kept a blow to the arm until the last moment: it would depend on the situation in the hospitals, was the message last week.


The champions can now breathe a sigh of relief. “Not a lot has changed, but just enough,” said outgoing Prime Minister Rutte tonight. From April 26, students are allowed to go to lectures one day a week or to another form of 'live' education. The basic rules (keep your distance, wash hands, stay at home in case of complaints) remain in force. For Maastricht University, which will be closed next Monday and Tuesday due to King's Day, this means that the campus will be open from 28 April.

Finally away behind the laptop again, and out of that small student room, said Rutte. "And although this is no more than a first step, I think it is good news for students and for educational institutions."

End of curfew, terraces open again

The cabinet also announced other easing that will take effect from April 28. Then the curfew ends and the maximum number of home visitors goes to two people per day. The terraces may also be open from 12:00 to 18:00 and shopping without an appointment will be possible again. Finally, more people are allowed to attend a funeral and theory exams for driving licenses can take place again. 

What about the gyms, theaters, museums and amusement parks? They have to wait a while. The cabinet had to make choices, Rutte emphasized. “The country cannot suddenly be completely unlocked. We learned that together last summer."



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