At last, back to study books and glasses of beer at the club


MAASTRICHT. Sidewalk cafes are allowed to open up across the Netherlands, so also those at the clubs of the Maastricht student associations. "The students are really happy to see each other again,” says KoKo chairperson Maaike Hooghiemstra. Only Saurus that has to wait a while. The city authorities still have to give permission, because officially it is a sports canteen, not a pub.

Just like everywhere else in the city, KoKo’s sidewalk cafe was full last Wednesday between 12 and 6 o’clock. “At one-point-five metre distance, of course,” Hooghiemstra emphasises. There are a lot of reservations for the coming days too, she says. Normally Koko does not have a terrace. To stay on friendly terms with the neighbourhood, they will only open the outdoor café only three days a week

Students are also welcome to come to the club to study. Hooghiemstra: “There is room for a total of 25 students. That is a safe number,” she says with conviction. “There are walking routes and face masks are compulsory. You can only remove them when you sit down.” Relaxation of the regulations mean, moreover, that the committees can have meetings on location.

Outdoor café and club (to hold meetings) at Tragos is also open again. They have room for fifty people outside. Circumflex does not have a terrace, but at society De Kaap, thirty members can open their study books. Saurus has to wait. The rowers are allowed to have meetings and study on the premises, but “that is not possible at the moment because we are renovating the pub,” says Saurus chairman Karel van Melle. “As soon as that is finished, we gladly receive our members again.” The outdoor cafe will also remain closed for a little longer. “We need separate permission from the city to open our outdoor cafe because we are officially a sports canteen. Van Melle is positive: “I am hopeful that it will be allowed.”

At last, back to study books and glasses of beer at the club
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Author: Yuri Meesen


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