Just relax in the Mindfulnest

Just relax in the Mindfulnest

(Almost) soundproof cabin available in the library


Completely exhausted after a long day at the library - do you recognize that feeling? The Amsterdam student Pim van den Bos did and he came up with a solution. The Mindfulnest: a (almost) soundproof cabin in which people can withdraw for a moment of silence or a meditation. The Wellbeing Movement of Maastricht University thought it a good idea and now the cabin will be in the Inner City university Library for a month.

The Nest is in the copy room, in the hall at the entrance. “People can also walk in there if they have not reserved a study place in the library,” says student psychologist Liesbeth Mouha. "You can walk by to see if it is free or reserve a time slot."

Students and staff members are supposed to use the Mindfulnest for 5 to 20 minutes. On a tablet in the cabin there are background sounds and meditations that can be played. “Or you can bring your own telephone and headset. You can of course also sit in silence.”

This is a pilot, after a month it will be evaluated how many people have used it and what they thought of it. "If it is positive, it could become permanent."

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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