To post or not to post?


Name? Jesler's Instagram-page

Age? 7

Purpose? To share snapshots of your life with your friends.

Your life? Well, I suppose recently it is more sharing the cherry on top of the cake that is your life. That is, that one gorgeous picture that you manage to take every few weeks. Every few days, if you put in a bit of effort.

Sounds exhausting. True. Especially now during the pandemic, when you have fewer opportunities to go out, meet with friends, and do exciting things.

Not for you. Also true, in Madrid, the restrictions are far more flexible than back home in the Netherlands. I'm able to go on city trips, hiking, cafes, even bars and clubs - it's really refreshing.

So, why don't you post about it? Well, that would be a bit weird, right? With most of my (Instagram) friends living in Germany and the Netherlands, or at least somewhere where Corona restrictions are still very real, it seems almost rude to post a picture of being inside a bar or in the middle of an ancient city.

So, you're embarrassed. No, that's not it, I think. I'm not embarrassed about going hiking and out for a drink, because I'm not breaking any restrictions. Also, compared to my housemates and other Erasmus people, I'm too preoccupied with writing my Bachelors Thesis to even be able to 'raise the roof', as it were. But that doesn't mean that I don't feel privileged to be able to do things that the rest of Europe has been dreaming about for the past months. And that I don't feel a bit guilty that I get to experience it due to sheer luck (I chose to go to Madrid because of the University, not the Corona restrictions).

But you're still experiencing it. Yes.

So, post it! But what is the point of social media, then? To make other people feel bad? To show how loose the restrictions are over here, and in turn, remind them of how strict they are over there?

You're seeing this all in a very negative light. That's also true. After all, my friends also post about how they meet people in the park with a nice bottle of rose, or how they have roommate dinners, etc. Maybe I am worrying too much about how my posts and stories could potentially affect the people that view them.

Which is not a bad thing. No.

But which might turn you a bit crazy. Yes. Because you can never know how anything affects anyone.

So, to post or not to post? That is the question.

Jesler van Houdt

To post or not to post?
Jesler walking through Madrid.
Author: Redactie

Photo: Jesler van Houdt

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