Quarantine turned me into a grandma

"Has Covid made me that friend that shows up at parties with homemade cookies and is leaving before 11 pm?"


It is Saturday, 7 a.m., I wake up from the sun shining through my windows.

I yawn, stretch and slip into my bathrobe. Slowly I shuffle into the kitchen, driven by the best part of my morning, my first coffee. I pour hot coffee and oat milk into my favorite mug and make my way to the window. I look outside into our backyard, smile at the blossoming trees, and say good morning to the orange cat that always plays on our rooftop. Then me and my coffee make our way back to bed to read a few chapters in my book, followed by morning yoga. Today I’m in the mood for a cozy flow, the yoga instructor tells me our intention for today is: I am at peace. I breathe in and I breathe out.

After I am done with breathing it is time for breakfast which usually consists of oatmeal, but today I have brunch with my friends via Zoom, so I make waffles. We talk about the weather and the news and dwell on memories of the good old days with concerts and dancing through the night.

Then it's time to get some work done, I sit at my desk and put on my oldies but goldies Spotify playlist. The Beatles are singing about yesterday in the background while I answer some emails and catch up on the news.

Around noon I check the weather forecast, put on my jacket, and go outside for a walk. It feels like I’ve already seen every corner of Maastricht, but this also has its perks. At the park, I spot my favorite senior citizen. We see each other almost every day because our route is the same. We have a short conversation about how nice the weather has been recently. Then we say “doei, doei” and I move to the most exciting part of my day, my daily grocery store trip. I found this new brownie recipe that I want to try, so I get all the ingredients and some other snacks.

Back home I wash my hands, get into my comfy pants, and start preparing the brownie batter while rewatching old Grace and Frankie episodes on Netflix. While the brownies are in the oven, I water my plants and make myself another coffee. The brownies turned out good, mainly because I doubled the amount of chocolate in the recipe. As I dunk a piece of brownie in my coffee, I look outside the window and sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the granny lifestyle, I’m only a bit concerned that once you turn granny you can't go back. Has Covid made me that friend that shows up at parties with homemade cookies and is leaving before 11 pm because my bed is calling me?

Line-Marie Eichhorst, European Law student

Quarantine turned me into a grandma
Line-Marie Eichhorst