FPN wants separate section for teaching

FPN wants separate section for teaching

Talking about innovative education and creating a community


MAASTRICHT. The Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences wants to set up a separate section for staff members who mainly deal with teaching. At the moment, small groups work at innovative education concepts and don’t always have a lot of contact with each other. Spontaneous and informal discussions have become more difficult because the faculty has expanded so much over the years.

Lecturers who spend at least 70 per cent of their time teaching also feel that they are not always in the right place within a (more research-oriented) department. The new Section Teaching and Innovation of Learning (STIL) should make it easier to exchange experiences in education and new ideas, but also increase the sense of community among lecturers.

This creates a central point where academic staff (who spend a maximum of 50 per cent of the time teaching) and the board can go for advice. From now on, the professionalisation of lecturers, for example by taking tutor training or in the framework of Continuing Professional Development, will also be co-ordinated within this group. In addition, FPN wants to focus even more on acquiring education subsidies, such as the Comenius grants from the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO).

All ‘full-time’ lecturers are invited to join this new section, whether they have a temporary or a permanent contract. They are also free to stay with their current department. The plan will be discussed in the faculty council meeting this Thursday. The board hopes that STIL can officially start in September 2021.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Loraine Bodewes

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