The university is alive again

The university is alive again

The return to physical education in picture

31-08-2021 · Photo reportage

The beginning of the new academic year also means the return to pyhisical education. Observant visited the faculties to get a grasp of the atmosphere on the first day without 1,5 meter distance.

The return of a familiar street scene: packed bicycle racks and many students entering and exiting the faculty of law.
'Trafic Jam' in the corridors in Randwyck. Even though the distance rules are no longer valid, there are still walking routes and while moving, a mouth mask is mandatory.
After a year and a half of lectures from behind a screen, it's finally possible again to talk in person.
A corona steward at Fasos helps students to think about the rules that are still valid. 
In the mensa at UNS 40 students are talking, eating and studying together again.
There were long waiting lines at various places in the city. 
Student assistents at Fasos help (new) students find their way in the faculty.
In the inner city library new students are recieving all the necessary information.


Yuri Meesen en Dennis Vaendel

Author: Redactie

Photos: Observant

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