Beadle Len Cuppens receives UM Medallion of Honor

Beadle Len Cuppens receives UM Medallion of Honor

After 28 years, Cuppens will leave the UM in November


MAASTRICHT. She led five thousand PhD students to the defense of their dissertation. After 28 years, Len Cuppens will say goodbye to the Academic Sessions Office and Maastricht University at the end of November. On Monday during the opening of the academic year, she was awarded the UM Medallion of Honor for her work.

As a beadle, Cuppens is the face of the Academic Sessions Office. During ceremonies such as the opening of the academic year and the Dies Natalis, she leads the cortège. But her most important task is to lead PhD students to their dissertation defence. “You have a lot of contact with some PhD students; then you get very involved,” she told the university website a few years ago. “The day itself is very exciting for them, so you always try to put them at ease. You are a source of information for everything that has to do with promotions and if everything went well, that is the crown on your work.”

The UM Medallion of Honor is an award for employees of Maastricht University who, with their day-to-day work, are or have been of great significance to brand awareness, the reputation or the development of the university.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Still from the opening of the Academic Year 2021

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