UM Sports’ stretching exercises help with back problems

UM Sports’ stretching exercises help with back problems

Participants experience less pain and felt better in general


The back, shoulder and neck exercises that UM Sports offered last year under the heading ‘We’ve got your back’ appear to help prevent or reduce complaints. This is one of the conclusions of a small study that UM Sports had carried out in cooperation with the department of Health Promotion. A new series will start shortly.

The idea for ‘We’ve got your back’ emerged during the first lockdown. “We heard from people that they were sitting even more than usual,” says Nadine Chudy, project assistant and vitality coach at UM Sports. “Sitting is one of the causes of back pain.” In small groups, the participants got going online. “In that way, the instructor could see how everyone was doing the exercises and correct them when necessary.” Not only did the participants experience less pain after the 12-week series, they also felt better in general and they were more satisfied with their work.

The training will start again in October, again online. People can still apply. “In addition, we have put all exercises on the intranet, although we do notice that people find the fixed training times with a group a real incentive,” says Chudy. Anyone who wants, can also pass on to the 15 minutes of Health&Fitness. “They are more general exercises just to keep moving. You also don’t train in a fixed group and you don’t need to register. The Zoom-links are available to all employees via the intranet.”

Admission for both trainings is free for UM staff members. “It is paid for from an employability budget by health insurer CZ, in collaboration with Arbo-HR, to improve the vitality of employees.”