Significance of a wave during a pandemic

Significance of a wave during a pandemic

"A seemingly innocent occurrence recently triggered me to reflect on this word"


With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the term ‘wave’ has frequently been mentioned in routine conversations, often without attention being paid to its significance. Looked at closely, a wave can be defined as a gesture that indicates a synchronized hand movement to and from or sideways in greeting or as a signal. It is also a smooth pulsatile (or sometimes erratic) golf as seen on the screen of a monitor or a long body of water curling into an arch and breaking on the shore. A wave can also refer to a sudden occurrence of, or an increase in, a specific phenomenon, event, or feeling, such as a wave of violence or the surge of a pandemic leading to loss of lives or illness. However, a seemingly innocent occurrence recently triggered me to reflect on this word.

Living a few houses down the street from my home is this lovely old lady I see every morning while driving down to work. She often sits outside on her porch and watches the cars go by. She would also be there again on my way back, still watching cars pass by. Driving to my work one morning, I saw the lady watching me, so I waved to her. To my delight, she waved back. Since then, regardless of how many times I drove past her house, we would look out to sight each other and perform our simple but essential act of human connection; wave at each other. This act became our ritual. Every morning on our way to school, my children would notice me waving to the lovely lady as we passed her house. So one day, they decided to join me and started waving to her too. Later, my wife joined in waving to the lady as we drove past her house and the old lady's daughter and grandchildren would follow in waving back to us. What initially began as a single wave between the old lady and me later turned into a ritual of multiple waves between our two families.

Interesting to see how a simple ‘wave’ resulted in a connection that put smiles on peoples faces.

Jamiu Busari, associate professor of medical education FHML, dean Health Professions Education (HOH Academy Aruba)

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