Homeless people in Maastricht will be warm in a student coat this winter

Homeless people in Maastricht will be warm in a student coat this winter

Clothing campaign Tragos


MAASTRICHT. “Can I try that red jacket?”, someone says last Friday afternoon at the Salvation Army, which is temporarily housed in the old Overmaze prison because of corona. Shortly before that, a red Hyundai Atos, stuffed to the brim with clothes, drove onto the site. Behind the wheel was Tragos vice-chairman Karlijn Senvers and next to her there was just enough space for chairman Robert Roosen. The members of their association collected the clothing for homeless people in Maastricht over the past two weeks.

“Especially warm jackets and trousers,” says Stenvers. “Because the winter months are coming and there is a shortage of winter jackets and trousers.” The initiative for the fundraising campaign originated in their bar, Stenvers says. “As an association we want to contribute to the city and with 550 members this was something we could easily do. Almost all students have something in their closet that they no longer wear.” White shirts, for example. There are a striking number of these in the approximately thirty bags of clothing. Not warm, "but very handy for when people here go for a job interview," says an employee of the Salvation Army.

Karlijn Stenvers and Robert Roosen


Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Observant

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