The Museum Night is back and special stools at the University Library

The Museum Night is back and special stools at the University Library

Short news from Maastricht and elsewhere in the country


Opera about a flat-earther

Somewhat smaller than usual, but otherwise almost back to normal: the Maastricht Museum Night. On Friday 22 October, there will be exhibitions, theatre performances, video art, lectures and guided tours from 19:00-23:00 hrs at various locations in Maastricht. Museums such as Marres and the Natural History Museum are participating, but also the Dominicanen bookstore and Bosch brewery.

At certain places, students will be in charge. Like in Centre Ceramique, where they will show you an archaeological object can be given a new identity, and in the Bonnefanten Museum, where they will shine a fresh light on art. In the Bonnefanten, visitors will also be given a preview of the new contemporary opera Parallax, performed by Opera Zuid, about a woman who does her utmost to prove that the world is flat.

Tickets are 5 euro for the entire evening. Visitors need to reserve beforehand and also show their COVID passport at the first location they visit. After that, they can just enter everywhere using a wristband.

Dialect stools

Throwing away old books? For many people that is a no-no. Also for the Veldeke Kring Maastricht, an organisation that promotes the Maastricht dialect. They asked the clients of Talent Zorgbureau, which help people who are unemployed because of a mental disorder or cognitive disability, to make book stools from the books.

Ten of them are now in the city centre University Library. Most students won’t recognise the titles, they are mainly books in the Maastricht dialect. That is why every stool has been given a QR code. The code links to a website where people can read about the story behind the stool as well as listening to fragments spoken from the books used. Obviously in Maastricht dialect, but also in Dutch and English.

Working in a birdhouse

Wageningen University has been chosen four times already as the most sustainable university in the world. But in Wageningen, hardly anyone is aware of it. That has to change, some felt, and together with an advertisement agency, a campaign was set up.

Part of that is a birdhouse of human dimensions that was built on the campus recently. It is linked to the hundred nesting boxes that were spread across the premises, sister magazine Resource writes. The nesting boxes are for great tits. This natural enemy of the processionary caterpillar is being attracted to remove the insects from the trees. Much more environmentally friendly than pesticides.

The large version can be used to work or study outside. Not much use has been made of it yet, according to Resource. Would the timing of its erection – just before autumn – have something to do with that?

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Jean-Pierre Geusens

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