Reintroduction of face masks going well

Reintroduction of face masks going well

UM doesn’t expect QR code in education

10-11-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT. Students and employees at Maastricht University are adhering to the compulsory face mask rather well, so it seemed during a walk around the university buildings last Monday and Tuesday. The odd person, as they said themselves, forgot about the face mask. The university is going to make use of stewards again.

The compulsory face mask, which was put in place last Saturday, is the most noticeable COVID-19 regulation for the UM. Otherwise, not much changed for universities. After all, the urgent advice to maintain a 1.5 metre distance does not apply to higher education. A QR code is not required either.

The UM did have to make some choices. What is an internal (education) activity (no covid cert necessary) and what is a public event (covid cert is necessary)? Anyone who wants to attend a Studium Generale lecture will, from now on, have to be vaccinated, tested or recovered. After all, there are also a lot of people from outside the university who attend these.

The same applied to the Open Day last Saturday, but the Executive Board made a different decision in that instance. “Education is public and should be without barriers as much as possible,” spokesperson Koen Augustijn writes in an e-mail. “The Open Day is an important step for many prospective students who are about to choose and start a new study, so therefore it was considered an education activity.”

Gyms have had to check the QR code since Saturday, but UM Sports does not need to do so. Their activities, according to Augustijn, “are by far visited by a majority of internal groups (students and employees)” and so are regarded as private.

An end could come to this situation. The government is considering extra measures this week. The introduction of the covid cert in higher education is one of the options. But according to Augustijn, it won’t come to that. “To do so would require a change in legislation. Also, the education umbrella organisations for intermediate vocational education, universities of applied sciences and academic education are completely against it. We are not taking this scenario into consideration at the moment.”