Alternative exams for students with symptoms

Alternative exams for students with symptoms

Students with mild symptoms can do a self test on the spot

10-11-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT. How is Maastricht University going to deal with students with COVID-19 (like) symptoms who cannot attend exams, after this winter? A search is on for alternatives for spring.

Remaining at home when you have symptoms has been one of the basic rules for some time. During the last round of exams, students were able to take their exams online, in some cases supervised by the anti-cheating software Proctorio. But the contract with this software manufacturer comes to an end on 1 February 2022 and will not be renewed. This means that after the round of exams in January, alternatives will have to be found.

The faculties are now searching, says spokesperson Koen Augustijn. “You could think of all kinds of things: take-home assignments, essays, open book exams.” Should all of these not prove to be an option, students can apply to the Examination Board for an extra exam opportunity, but the faculties want to limit the number of people who have to resort to this measure.

What will help with this is that students with mild complaints and a negative test are still allowed to come to the exam. They can show a PCR test result or do a self test on the spot, said UM President Rianne Letschert during the meeting of the University Council Strategy Committee last Wednesday.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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