Venlo master’s ‘very much above average’ according to Study Guide

Venlo master’s ‘very much above average’ according to Study Guide

Study programmes no longer ranked


MAASTRICHT/THE NETHERLANDS. The master’s of Global Supply Chain Management and Change, which is given in Venlo, received the highest assessment - two pluses - in the Master’s Study Guide (Keuzegids) 2022. With that, it is one of the thirteen study programmes that scored ‘very much above average’.

Students are also very pleased with the other Venlo master’s – Health Food Innovation Management. Exception for the section ‘Career preparation’ this programme only received a single plus (above average), instead of the maximum of two (very much above average). 

The Maastricht Economics students are more satisfied than their fellow students elsewhere in the country. Their study programme scored above average for ‘content’, ‘testing’ and ‘atmosphere’, something that no other Economics master’s managed. There are also a lot of pluses for the master’s of Mental Health. But the programme does less well in the field of testing, although the assessment is still ‘average’.

Medical students are less happy. Their programme does indeed prepare them well for the labour market, but in other areas, such as testing and content, the master’s received the assessment ‘below average’ or ‘very much below average’. International and European Tax Law also has its share of dissatisfied students. They find their programme ‘very much below average’ when it comes to content, testing and atmosphere.

No rankings

Since 2020, the Master’s Study Guide – contrary to the Bachelor’s Study Guide – no longer provides rankings. The Bachelor’s Study Guide receives its data from three sources: student assessments from the most recent National Student Survey (NSE), figures from the study success (dropouts and study pace), and the reports from experts who go through the study programmes with a fine toothcomb on behalf of accreditation organisation NVAO.

This is different for the masters’. Figures about study success are not always available and since 2019, the experts only say whether a study programme is ‘sufficient’. The assessment ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ is no longer given. So, that only leaves NSE. The editors feel that this is not enough to compile a ranking.

Assessment withdrawn

The Study Guide chooses to not include certain assessments from the National Student Survey when they find the sample too small (fewer than 10 participants). This means that for many Maastricht master’s programmes, which are often small-scale, there are no pluses or minuses in the guide. In these instances, future students will have to make do with general information such as the intake figures and the percentage of international students.

Author: Cleo Freriks

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