INKOM 2022 theme: The Sky is the Limit

INKOM 2022 theme: The Sky is the Limit

Organisers hope for a full physical-presence introduction week


MAASTRICHT. The Sky is the Limit – the INKOM 2022 theme was announced last Friday evening. “We want to show the new students that there are endless possibilities for student life in Maastricht”, says chairwoman Floor Smits.

In addition, the Working Group INKOM wants the possibilities for the introduction week itself to be endless and that all activities can take with the students physically present again. “We are creating a very flexible programme, with green, yellow and red activities,” says Smits. “Should stricter Covid regulations be re-introduced, then green activities can go ahead with very few changes, yellow with a number of limitations and red activities will have to be cancelled or take place with a lot of adaptations. We are also exploring possibilities to organise all large outside events at a single location this year, so that it is easier to welcome visitors in shifts, should that be necessary.”

The programme and the artists who are going to perform, will be announced later this year.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Shutterstock

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