King's Day in Maastricht: program 2020 will largely remain in place

After postponing it for two years, the royal family will come to Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. Under the theme Leef Maastricht! (Live Maastricht) the royal family will be presented with all facets of life in Maastricht this coming King's Day. The municipality largely adheres to the program as it was drawn up in 2020, when King Willem-Alexander and his family would actually come to Maastricht. The visit was postponed for two years because of corona.

“What's in the barrel doesn't sour”, said the king at the time, and Maastricht appears to agree with that. The program was announced on Tuesday. Different marching bands will walk in front of the bus with the royal family in it when they arrive in Wyck and give them a festive welcome. The group gets out at the Sint Servaasbrug and then goes to the square where the statue of the Mestreechter Geis, the ghost of Maastricht, is located. As they walk further into town there will be several performances. Students will be represented at the Graanmarkt, where the DJ duo Lucas and Steve – who have graced many a MECC party during the INKOM – and the philharmonie zuidnederland will jointly provide the music.

View the entire program here.

Author: Cleo Freriks

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