Another 78 researchers awarded Veni grants

Another 78 researchers awarded Veni grants

One UM researcher was awarded

12-04-2022 · News

They may have had to wait a long time, but the results are now in: another 78 promising young researchers will be receiving a Veni grant up to a maximum 280,000 euros from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). In Maastricht, one researcher was awarded a prize.

Sixty of the winners are in social sciences and humanities and eightteen are in applied and technical science fields. The grants will allow each of them to further develop their research ideas over the next three years. 
At UM, only Jacob Ward's application has been accepted. He is a researcher at Fasos and will conduct historical research into British government policy between 1960 and 2000, and in particular the role that predictions played in it.
Awarding the Veni grants was thrown into considerable turmoil last year because of Covid and a big hack at NWO. This meant that the only grants that could be awarded in December were those in the exact and natural sciences (ENW), and in health research and innovation in healthcare (ZonMw) – 89 in total.
Then two people from Maastricht were awarded: Jacco de Vries, who is researching the "rarest particle decays in nature" to track down a new natural force in the universe. And Daan Westra, who will study networks in which healthcare organizations work together.
In order to prevent unnecessary effort, NWO works with a shortened pre-proposal phase. The funding body then makes a first selection from that pool so that fewer researchers spend unnecessary time preparing and submitting extensive grant applications. Only the exact and natural sciences domain has not yet instituted this preselection phase.
A total of 1,280 applications were submitted across all four domains in 2021, of which 759 were submitted as full applications, mostly after passing NWO’s preselection phase. Of those, NWO has funded 167. This is 13 percent of the total number of submissions and 22 percent of the full applications.
The Veni grants are part of NWO’s Talent Programme. Junior researchers are eligible for a Veni grant, while senior researchers have access to the Vidi grant and those at the top of the field can apply for Vici funding grants. 

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