Rubicon grant for 22 researchers

Rubicon grant for 22 researchers

UM’s Clara Snijders is leaving for Harvard Medical School, with a subsidy

19-04-2022 · News

NEDERLAND/MAASTRICHT. Research financier NWO has recently made 22 PhD graduates very happy by awarding them with a Rubicon grant. They can use it to gain research experience at a foreign knowledge institute. In this round, the UM won once: Clara Snijders from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences is going to the United States. 

NWO announced the first round of awards for the year 2021 in October (when Glenn Franken from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences received a grant), and has now announced the second and third one. This time, 23.7 per cent of the 93 applications submitted was honoured.

Clara Snijders is researching brain trauma. Experiencing a serious traumatic event as a child can make a person vulnerable for psychiatric disorders later on in life. To understand the impact of misfortune in early years, she is going to study the expression of genes in neurons in people who suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder and who were subject to serious abuse during childhood.

Other Rubicon grant winners research, among other things, what judges can learn from each other for decisions in climate-related cases, how to restore the balance in soil that has been deteriorated due to intensive agriculture, and why changes in the DNA can lead to illness.

Of the 22 laureates, 8 will go to the United States and 6 to the United Kingdom. Others chose Canada, France, Mexico or Singapore. The grant will allow them to carry out research for up to 24 months. The level of the funding depends on the destination chosen and the duration of the stay.

This time, most of the grants went to the VU Amsterdam, Leiden University and the University of Groningen.

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