Saurus international regatta lasts two days for the first time

Saurus international regatta lasts two days for the first time

About 270 boats with rowers from the Netherlands and abroad went onto the water


“I want to be in a boat like that,” says an oarswoman pointing to the rescue brigade’s motorboat before she drops to the grass with a sigh. It is Sunday morning, the second day of the Saurus International Regatta. About 270 boats from 25 associations from the Netherlands and abroad have competed on the Zuid-Willemsvaart this weekend. The races start in Belgium and end close to student association Saurus’s clubhouse.

The fatigued rower is still catching her breath from last night’s party (motto: let it flow after the row). It is first down to the women’s coxed four. While the supporters find a place along the sides – members from Amsterdam association Nereus brought along their own bean bags – they calmly row to the start.

For the first time, the Regatta has been spread out over two days. “We have wanted to do that since 2020, so that we could accept more teams,” says Saurus chairwomen Amber van Els. Because of COVID-19 that was not possible before. Now they can enjoy the lovely weather, the toasted ham-and-cheese sandwiches and hamburgers along the sides as well as some wins here and there. The first prizes were divided up well across the associations, including Saurus itself, says Van Els afterwards.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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