SAP Cloud going live is running smoothly

SAP Cloud going live is running smoothly

Help desk gets about 200 questions a day

15-06-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. Last Wednesday, SAP Cloud, the new ICT programme for Human Resources, Finance and Sales, went live after a delay of a year and a half. This extra time was used to carry out more testing and to prepare people, and “it paid off,” says Nick Bos, member of the Executive Board. There are a some issues and questions, but “nothing that cannot be solved”.

SAP Cloud replaces various systems that were used for processes such as processing invoices or entering new employees’ details. It is more advanced and more user-friendly than the old programmes, which no longer met the requirement of, for example, the tax office and for which technical support will be discontinued. Under the name of ‘Programme Integrated Operational Management’, the transition was prepared for more than two years.

Last December, there was still some uncertainty about the technology – which had not been tested as much as they had wished – and many people who were to work with the programme had not received training at that point. “We were able to complete all the tests in the past few months,” said project manager Fred Offerein. “We had a sneak peek at the end of April, when those in charge and employees from various departments were able to try the programme out for a morning. Partly because of that, and because of discussions with HR, Finance and Sales, we knew what the questions were, what people were most likely to have trouble with, and what we could expect.”

A service helpdesk of four employees (the Service Desk Integrated Operational Management) offer help where required. “For example: a manager doesn’t have the authorisation to approve an employee’s additional duties,” says Offerein. Such questions need to be answered quickly. “So far, this has gone well. We receive an average of 200 questions a day and we try to answer them within two working days. If it takes longer, people will be notified. In the coming weeks, we will have more and more employees who are looking at their new start screen for the first time. If the situation remains stable, we will reduce the external help in September.”

Other details will be put right as well. “The digital catalogues of suppliers have not been fully completed, says Bos. Until now, he has mainly received positive reactions. “It is very user-friendly. Sometimes, people are slightly irritated because they have to do things differently to what they are used to. But in the end, when things go better than normal, this is quickly forgotten.”

A small tour of different departments tells the same story; there are problems, but nothing out of the ordinary. With the caveat that the system has only really proven itself in a few months. The most heard statement: "It’s going better than I thought it would".

Author: Cleo Freriks

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