INKOM 2022: Opening at Tapijn barracks and watching a film outdoors with people from Maastricht

INKOM 2022: Opening at Tapijn barracks and watching a film outdoors with people from Maastricht

All big outside events in one location

16-06-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. After two alternative introduction weeks – one completely online, the other hybrid – the Working Group INKOM (WGI) is no longer encumbered by Covid restrictions this year. Although they are still on alert: “If the regulations change again, we can adapt quickly.”

For that reason, the WGI as chosen to put on a number of large activities outside at the same location – the Tapijn barracks – says chair Floor Smits. “That is easier than if we use different locations.” This will be the venue for the information market Welcome to Maastricht, the official opening ceremony (previously always on the Markt), and the Culture Carnival, where the cultural organisations in Maastricht can introduce themselves. The large parties and the cantus will, as always, be held in the MECC, and the Sports Event on Tuesday will remain at De Griend.

Something new is Set Your Own Limit, as a replacement of the Dare to be Aware market, which was held in previous years. “This event focuses on students’ mental health and unacceptable behaviour,” says Smits. The WGI really wants to involve the citizens of the city of Maastricht in INKOM, which is why the Open-Air Cinema on Friday is also open to them. 

Exactly who the artists are who have been scheduled to perform during the opening ceremony and the parties in the MECC, will be announced later. “It is almost sorted,” says Smits. The WGI is not troubled by the catch-up rush of festivals and concert series. “Fortunately, we always start our search on time.”

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Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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