Shortage on the Maastricht rooms market back to the level of before the Covid crisis

Shortage on the Maastricht rooms market back to the level of before the Covid crisis

Friction, but "no new housing crisis", according to UM

15-09-2022 · News

MAASTRICHT. No, not every student has found accommodation yet, but there is no new rooms shortage crisis in Maastricht. That is the preliminary conclusion by Maastricht University two weeks after the start of the academic year.

Because of new student accommodation - roughly 700 units in Randwyck and Sittard - expectations in August were that there would be enough rooms. That does indeed appear to be the case, says Maurice Evers, head of Maastricht Housing. “We see a lot fewer students searching for a room than this time last year. Everything suggests that the situation is comparable to the years before Covid. That is to say, there is still friction in these first weeks of the new academic year, but around October, the majority of those looking for accommodation will have found a place.”

Nick Bos, vice president of the Executive Board, stated last week during the Operations Committee meeting for the University Council that “there were no indications of a new rooms shortage crisis”. Student council member Charles de Groot suggested in response that other things were heard among students. When asked, he said that he did not have definite figures, but had heard a lot of stories about students without rooms. “They have often spent a lot of money on temporary accommodation, such as student hotels.”

According to Evers, that is a result of the aforementioned friction. “Not all graduates have vacated their rooms by September, while newcomers want to move in. Awkward, but not a lot can be done about that. The only solution is to build more student accommodation, but that will cause vacancies during the rest of the year. The city would not like that.”

Until halfway through November, about a hundred ‘container units’ will become available for occupancy in Randwyck every two weeks, he states. “They have not all been rented yet.” Online, for example on the Maastricht Housing website and in Facebook groups, there is still a diverse selection of student rooms to be found. “That was also hardly or not at all the case last year.”

Photo: Loraine Bodewes

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