Ubering Across Borders

Ubering Across Borders

I'm getting really tired, but I can't sleep, expecting we crash into a tree any moment

10-04-2024 · Column

It's 2 am on a weekday. I am in an Uber, sliding along a snow-covered Canadian road barely visible through the blizzard outside. My hands grip the seat in front of me, eyes fixed on the road, trying to discern its twists and turns through the snow. Meanwhile, my driver chats on the phone in French, Taylor Swift is playing softly on the radio, and my friend snoozes beside me. I glance down at my snow-drenched cowboy boots, realizing this might have been one of my more foolish ideas.

We took a 20$, 4 am FlixBus from Burlington, Vermont, to Montreal to catch CMAT, my favorite musician, live. The bus ride to Montreal went smoothly, troubles only began when an email popped up on my phone: "Interruption in your FlixBus journey." The bus scheduled back to our campus was canceled.

"I can't skip tomorrow’s classes as well" my friend remarks, I agree. Desperate for alternatives,  my friend suggests Uber. "Across the border? Is that even allowed?" I wonder. A call to FlixBus confirms they'll cover the costs, and we deem the problem solved, deciding to enjoy the sunny streets of Montreal until the concert begins.

As we exit the concert venue at 11 pm, euphoric from four hours of music and dancing, we're greeted by a snowstorm. This explains the cancellation. Next step: Uber.

A sleek black Tesla emerges from the blizzard. "Burlington, Vermont?" the driver asks surprised. "In that case, I need my passport and to charge our batteries." A one-hour detour to his house and a garage for charging, and we're back on the snow-covered road.

The snow thickens, and the streets become even emptier. Nobody dares to drive in this weather. The car slides more than it drives through the storm. Thankfully, our driver is being careful, but in these conditions, "careful" just means slow. I'm getting really tired, but I can't sleep, expecting we crash into a tree any moment

At the border, the lone border agent eyes us skeptically but allows us to proceed; our tale is so unbelievable it must be true. At 3 am, we finally arrive at our dorms. "Girls, that was insane, I was scared there for a second" our Uber driver confesses. We offer countless apologies and promise a 5-star rating before heading to bed. As I set my alarm for 8 am, I make a mental note to check the weather report in the future.

Line-Marie Eichhorst, student at UCM

Author: Redactie

Photo: Joey Roberts

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