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Goodbye Istanbul, See You!

Goodbye Istanbul, See You!

Photographer:Fotograaf: Victoria Angel

Victoria in Istanbul

In between writing exams, meeting my friends who I would not see anymore and doing the residual sightseeing, I did not really find proper time to say goodbye to Istanbul. In short, my last days in Istanbul were very eventful. Shortly after New Year’s Eve I arrived back in Istanbul and had to study for three days and three nights to make it through my finals. Therefore I rarely saw any of the city or anybody aside from my pizza delivery guy.

Of course, I had to make up for this loss after my exams. My friends and I had dinners in super hip restaurants and bars with great interiors, which we hadn’t tried out before. On the two last nights we also went to two clubs that are much talked about these days, “Klein” and “Mitte” which we greatly enjoyed.

I only realized how sad leaving Istanbul made me when I was at the airport all by myself and seeing the super nice Turkish airport staff who were always complimenting me on my few words of Turkish I had learned and smiling so friendly. Landing in Berlin was the complete opposite, no one was smiling at me anymore, it took ages for me to get my suitcase and go through passport control. The cherry of the cake was that after enjoying sun and 16 degrees in Istanbul, Germany was ice cold; it was snowing and all grey. My experiences made me fall in love with Turkey and I can’t wait to be back.

Victoria Angel



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