Would you like to become a better writer? Make complex issues accessible to a broad public? Or just get a taste of journalism? Then check out Observant’s courses.


Observant offers a variaty of workshops, both in English and Dutch. Groups of a minimum of six people can register. Dates and times to be determined in consultation.The workshops are given by professional journalists and can also be tailor-made. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.


Workshop 1 News and Press Release

How to get a message across or a conclusion down on paper concisely? In the workshop, participants are asked to write a lead (intro to the article) and a news item. Bring your laptop or tablet, pen and paper.


Workshop 2 Interview

How to prepare for an interview, what questions to ask and how to put it on paper? In the workshop, participants interview each other and compose an article on the spot. Bring your laptop or tablet, pen and paper.


Workshop 3 Science Journalism

How to write about science for a broad public? How to avoid jargon and explain the complicated subject clearly step by step? Before the workshop participants will be asked to describe their own work in 100 words. In the workshop, a researcher will give a ‘press conference’ about his or her research. The participants are given a press release, can ask questions and are asked to write an article based on their findings. Bring your laptop or tablet, pen and paper.


Workshop 4 Column

Whether they are tears of laughter or clenched fists because of anger: a good column stirs something in readers. In this workshop, participants learn how to write an anecdote, a yarn, a philosophy, or a diatribe briefly and to the point. Before the workshop, participants are expected to write and hand in a column of a maximum of 400 words. This can be about any subject. In the workshop, each participant’s work will be discussed and everyone can start on a second version. Bring your laptop or tablet, pen and paper.


Information: [email protected] or 043-3885384