UM scores better but drops in THE ranking


MAASTRICHT. A minor drop this time for Maastricht University in the new annual world wide ranking of universities by Times Higher Education. Place 88 was exchanged for place 94, even though the UM score for various criteria was higher than last year’s.

The shift is mainly due to the increase in the number of universities assessed. From 800 in 2015-2016, the number has now risen to 980 institutes. Most of the other Dutch universities did slightly less well too in the ranking, but just like in the case of the UM, the differences with last year are marginal. According to THE boss Phil Baty, the Netherlands can be very satisfied: for the first time, all regular universities are in the top 200. Tilburg has finally taken its place in this group, at place 198.

When asked, the board and management of the UM replied that they are not too worried about the university’s minor drop. All the more because the UM scored slightly better on practically every criterion than last year. THE weighs education, research and citations equally, each accounting for 30 per cent, while international outlook accounts for 7.5 per cent. The score has improved on all those points. Only the factor of industry income was weaker this year, but this only counts for 2.5 per cent. The total score is more than one point higher.

UM scores better but drops in THE ranking
Author: Wammes Bos
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