Tihange protest finds little response as yet at the UM


MAASTRICHT. On 25 June, various German, Belgian and Dutch action groups will organise a human chain around nuclear power plant Tihange 2, in an attempt to have it closed. This plant is approximately 50 kilometres from Maastricht and has shown defects for years, including cracks in the reactor vessels. The plant was shut down for a long time, but according to the authorities it is safe again. A recent inspection is said to have proved this. The action groups that have united in the 'Kettingreactie Tihange' initiative (Tihange Chain Reaction) have planned a 90-kilometre human chain running from Aachen through Maastricht and Liege to Tihange. In the Netherlands, a number of South Limburg mayors and city councils support the initiative. UM employees are also involved in the preparations, such as Jan Muijtjens from the Records Department. The Executive Board was asked for support too, among others in the form of a modest subsidy. The Executive Board is not inclined to do so. It has “sympathy for the request, but is striving for a neutral position in the many requests for support,” wrote the spokesperson for the Board. Partly because of this, the Executive Board is not going to fall in with the request to act as ‘ambassador’ for this case, as the mayors are doing.

The campaigners have been given the opportunity to use the channels of the Marketing & Communication department for their message.

So far, e-mail attempts to get the student associations and fraternities/sororities moving, have proved fruitless, says Muijtjens.

In the meantime, a greater danger is threatening the action: the organisers have been told that they themselves will have to provide signposting and professional traffic wardens, something that would cost 66 thousand euro. Different cities, including Maastricht, as well as the Province have already offered substantial amounts of money this week to meet the costs. The organising groups are optimistic about the outcome

Tihange protest finds little response as yet at the UM
Author: Wammes Bos
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