Biking Dinner


MAASTRICHT. She takes the lead, rector Rianne Letschert, on route to the first course of a dinner held by the four student associations. Later on in the evening, she strategically drops to the back. The three members of the Executive Board, in addition to the rector there are also Vice-President Nick Bos and President Martin Paul, mounted their bicycles together with director of Student Services, Pascal Breuls, full of expectation last Wednesday. An e-bike, in the case of the President. The associations all participated in what was referred to as a walking dinner, but which should really have been called a biking dinner. Each one took responsibility for part of the menu. Letschert: “It was really good fun, part Italian, certainly at Tragos, sitting outside at long tables. It was really well prepared, the others too, with candles and flowers on the table, I was really impressed.”

Koko got the ball rolling with the amuse-bouche (“a small quiche, and more”); Circumflex supplied the starter (“home-made spinach soup”), Tragos the steak with trimmings (“cooked exactly right, quite a feat for so many people”), and Saurus a home-made tiramisu for dessert. “I am not a cook and I like everything, but this was really good,” Letschert declares, for whom it was the first time to take part in this event. So, she did not know that the original foursome of cycling managers would be accompanied by the board of the association that had just provided their course of the menu, on their way to the next course. This resulted in an ever-growing pack of cyclists winding their way through the streets of Maastricht. No longer headed by the rector. “I don't quite know the way in Maastricht yet, a good reason not to take the lead.”


Biking Dinner
Executive board UM
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