Burgers and an allergy on the side

Picnic at the Park


MAASTRICHT. The girl at the first hamburger handout is suffering. Today it is about thirty degrees, which makes it not nice to have to hang your head over a hot grill. And she can’t step backwards because the hamburgers need turning around every other minute or so. But does that spoil the fun, today at the picnic in the Stadspark? Not at all.

Underneath the white porches where the goods are being retailed you can pick up ‘Burger, fruit and dessert, next to ‘vegetarian’. You can also take an allergy along, although that probably isn’t meant by the sign that says ‘allergies’.

On the grass long tables are placed in battle-array, but many eat sitting or lying on the ground, preferably in the shadow of a tree. A DJ on a little stage is producing so much noise that having a conversation turns out to be a bit difficult, but alright, the freshmen are getting a little tired on their third day of the Inkom, which makes swaying along with the music the easy option. Behind the DJ there is a battery of lilac turn mats ready for the yoga session, elsewhere people are getting a massage: everything is put in place to help the freshmen agile into the busy night program.

Burgers and an allergy on the side
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Picnic at the park 2
Picnic at the Park
Author: Wammes Bos
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