No UM-wide resit policy


MAASTRICHT. Resits: one faculty organises them one way, another faculty some other way. A single extra chance, or more often. Or no resits at all. The setup may even differ within faculties. The University Council discussed the question whether the policy on resits could be harmonised across the university. Rector Rianne Letschert promised to investigate the matter. The result was presented to the Council last week: No, there will not be a UM-wide policy on resits. After consultation of the chairpersons of the examination committees, it was clear that the institutes valued their existing methods very much. Because, they say (and the rector now also says), there are too many differences in the objectives of tests and exams, in the way they are conducted, what is being tested (knowledge, skills, attitude) as well as their logistical organisation. Hence it should stay the responsibility of the institutes themselves.

Student Council member Luc van Deurse (Dope) saw no problem with this, but he did object to the fact that his own faculty of FHML, for European Public Health, offered no options for resits at all within the same year.

The rector agreed with him. She said that she had a difference of opinion about this issue with the faculty. This point was phrased in the written answer to the Council: It is true that resits should be an “unattractive alternative” for the regular exams – to prevent students from adapting their study behaviour accordingly – but there should always be a possibility to do an exam. After all, students may not be able to do the exam at the regular time. Letschert said to Van Deurse: “My advice is to discuss this with your own faculty, with whatever body within the organisation as necessary.” Letschert afterwards: “No resit at all; there should be a very good reason for that. And I am not aware of any, at least not yet.”

Author: Wammes Bos
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