20.000 steps per day

Aka.: What to do when Uni ends?


It has been less than a week since I have submitted my bachelor thesis. Less than one confusing week dominated by the question: What does one do when Uni ends (for now)? My answer (or lack thereof?) is hidden in my daily step count: around 20.000 steps per day. Anyone who has ever attempted the WHO's recommended daily step minimum of 10.000 knows that already 10.000 steps are not met by a simple stroll to the supermarket, except if this supermarket is across the city. 20.000 steps, then, requires a full day of moderate walking, or a few hours of non-stop commitment to the sport.

The former describes my current lifestyle. A few hours after my thesis deadline, I got on a night bus to Lisbon. Arriving in the morning, days were filled with cafes to visit, hills to master, churches to admire, and foods to try. After three exhausting days, the second night bus carried me back to Madrid, just in time to welcome my parents. Again, days were filled with walks and talks; hills and thrills.

Today, while lying in a park, I got asked the question: 'Can you finally relax now?' It made me think. Is that what I've done since Uni ended? Relaxed? Maybe in a twisted way, I have. Maybe I have looked for the 'extremes' physically (as compared to couch-potato exam periods) to compensate for the mental exhaustion of the past weeks/months. After all, I hadn't opened my laptop in three days until I got up to write this blog. But maybe all those 20.000 steps are also a way to procrastinate (in true Uni-fashion) on the question of what to do when Uni ends (for now). Maybe not thinking about UCM and Maastricht University is a way to hold on to the thought of being a UCM student for just a little longer. I want my next chapter to start just as much as I don't want my UCM chapter to end. But I suppose that's the best situation I could be in right now.

So, that still leaves me with the question: what to do when Uni ends? For now, take 20.000 steps a day.

Jesler van Houdt

20.000 steps per day
Jesler on a walk.