Universities to open again

Universities to open again

Vaccination bus for UM students

16-08-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT. In the new academic year, starting on Monday 30 August, students can expect education in person again. Also, they will no longer need to maintain 1.5 metre distance from each other. These decisions were announced by prime minister Rutte in a press conference.

Limitations regarding the number of students allowed in classrooms will still apply, no more than 75 will be permitted. Moreover, students will have to wear face masks in the corridors and carry out a self-test twice a week.

To increase the number of students vaccinated, the UM - just like some other universities - has arranged for a vaccination bus to be set up on the grounds. The institutes are hoping that students who have not yet been vaccinated, will do so either during Inkom or at the start of the academic year. Of all 18- to 25-year-olds, 64 per cent have had their first jab. In older age groups, the average percentage is 75.

According to rector Han Krieken in Nijmegen, the number of students who get infected will go up, but as far as he is concerned that is not so serious because young people hardly ever end up in hospital, so the pressure on hospitals will not increase.

In Maastricht, international students and employees can now be vaccinated without a Citizen Service Number, (burgerservicenummer, or BSN). They may, possibly even with their families, obtain a free mRNA vaccine from the Area Health Authority (GGD). As foreign people without a BSN number cannot formally register, they will receive a proof of vaccination on paper. The end of the COVID-19 society is near. As of 20 September, the cabinet will abolish the 1.5 metre regulation for the whole country, and from 1 November, all COVID-19 measures will be discontinued.