Three Vidi grants for Maastricht

Three Vidi grants for Maastricht

16-08-2021 · News

Care farms for dementia patients, the transformation of our minds through our self-image, and new coatings for detector mirrors. Three UM scientists managed to acquire a Vidi grant from NWO. With the money, amounting to 800 thousand euro, they can set up their own research group for the coming five years. A total of 78 scientists received funding.

Hilde Verbeek (FHML) is one of the Maastricht winners; she is going to investigate whether nursing home patients with dementia may be better off at a care farm. Jessica Steinlechner (FSE) will try to design enhanced detector mirrors, such as the ones to be used in the Einstein Telescope. And Peiran Jiao is going investigate how our self-image transforms the memory and how that may lead to making poor financial decisions.

In this round, NWO assessed 402 proposals submitted by researchers. Of the candidates, 206 were men and 196 were women, of whom 38 (18 per cent) and 40 (20 per cent), respectively, received a grant. With twelve awards going to the University of Amsterdam, this was again the most successful university. HOP/MT



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