No vaccination bus on UM campus

No vaccination bus on UM campus

Pop-up locations for students

27-08-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT. Contrary to what was previously announced, there will be no vaccination bus on or near the university grounds. Based on experiences elsewhere in the country, the GGD now concludes that vaccination with a bus is not safe. There will probably be a “pop-up location” in Maastricht, where students can get information as well as a vaccination.

Anyone who has been vaccinated has to wait fifteen minutes because of possible allergic reactions, and then a bus is not useful. And suppose something happens, says the GGD, suppose someone becomes sick, then an unsafe situation quickly arises. It also appears, among other things from experiences in The Hague, that insufficient people can be vaccinated in one day.

The GGD is now in talks with UM and Zuyd Hogeschool. It is likely that pop-up locations will appear near the educational institutions. Students can get information and a shot there.

According to the GGD, this already appears to work well in North Heerlen, where a trial is underway. It is very accessible and residents do not feel that anything is being forced on them.

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