One Rubicon grant for Maastricht

One Rubicon grant for Maastricht

NWO received 76 applications

05-10-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT/THE NETHERLANDS. Research financier the Dutch Research Council has awarded a Rubicon grant to 24 recently graduated PhD students, who will gain research experience abroad for a period of one to two years. In Maastricht only Glenn Franken, researcher at institute Mhens, came out as a winner. He leaves for King's College in Londen to learn more about chronic (neuropathic) pain.

In total the Dutch Research Council (NWO) received 76 applications for the grant, 31.6% of which were approved. NWO believes work experience abroad is an important step in the careers of young scientists. Even more so because it is a step towards winning the highly coveted Veni, Vidi and Vici research grants.

The coronavirus crisis may still cause delays for travel abroad. The researchers who receive Rubicon funding will not leave the Netherlands “until the situation is safe for them”, writes the Dutch Research Council. 

NWO plans to hold two more Rubicon rounds, funding a total of sixty researchers. A total of seven million euros is annually distributed among young researchers. The level of funding they will receive depends on the duration of their stay and their destination.