CARIM board members chosen by lottery

CARIM board members chosen by lottery

Adding two extra members should ensure more diversity


MAASTRICHT. On Wednesday evening, the CARIM research school selected two members of the executive board in a special way: by drawing lots. At the annual symposium, names were drawn from two bags, one for men and one for women.

The new members will be added to the current seven-member board. All 79 scientific and 34 supportive staff members with a permanent contract competed – in principle they are all suitable for the position. Three names come out of each bag. These people are now offered the position in order of the draw. If all six refuse, there will be a new draw.

Director Tilman Hackeng came up with the idea while on holiday in Florence. There, during the Renaissance, every two months the city council was drawn by drawing lots for all guild members over 30 years of age and of impeccable conduct. At CARIM it is a one-year position.

Hackeng hopes that by adding two rotating members, the board will become a better reflection of the organization, with more diversity and inclusivety.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Pixabay

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