Extra security during exams Mecc

Extra security during exams Mecc

1,5 meter at exams Mecc

15-12-2021 · News

MAASTRICHT. “Social distance please!” shouts a crowd manager at the main entrance of the Mecc this Wednesday morning. The students who are going to take an exam gather in front of two security guards who let a small group of about fifteen students through the crush barriers every half minute. They are allowed to search for their hall and seat.

The students who are still waiting outside the crowd barriers are addressed sternly by the crowd managers. There are fifteen in total. They wear striking yellow vests and have been hired especially for the exams, says exam coordinator Anja Ronken. “The four security guards in the black coats have been added from today. It was difficult for students to keep the one and a half meters distance on their own.” A chat with a friend or going through the material together quickly is tempting, but today it seems to be going well.

"Keep your distance" and "Remember the one and a half meters", both the yellow and black jackets shout. They are strict, but it makes them feel safe, says a nervous master's student of Artificial Intelligence. Everyone without a mouth cap is also addressed. Don't have one? Then the crowd managers have a package in their pocket.

Students go inside the Mecc in small groups


If you dont have a mouth mask, crowd control will give you one


Author: Yuri Meesen

Photo's: Yuri Meesen

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