An oasis for rest and meditation

An oasis for rest and meditation

UM to have three Mindfulnests: in the Inner city and Randwyck libraries and at FASoS


MAASTRICHT. Maastricht University students will soon have more options to retreat for a moment of silence or meditation. In three places – at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University Library locations in the city centre and in Randwyck – a so-called Mindfulnest will be installed.

This is an (almost) soundproof cubicle that contains a tablet on which the student can play a meditation session, practice mindfulness, or just listen to relaxing background sounds. There was a pilot with the prototype of the Mindfulnest in the city centre University Library in May last year. Initiator Pim van den Bos, who came up with the idea when he studied law in Amsterdam, was on hand daily to ask the students about their experiences. “They were often curious. Many of them had already meditated or had heard of it. The deciding factor for them was the app on the tablet. It can be used to play a guided meditation session.”

The cubicle was popular and the pilot was extended. When a request for ideas was sent out earlier this academic year for the NPO funds, which are meant to soften the blow of needs that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, FASoS students stated that they would like a Mindfulnest at their own faculty.  Upon which the UM decided to order three. “It is a physical symbol of students’ wellbeing,” says Van den Bos, who is also in contact with other universities, such as Leiden and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

The new meditation cubicles will be installed in February, the exact date is not yet known. Students no longer need to reserve in order to use them. “That suits students better,” says Van den Bos. “During the pilot, we noticed that there were often more people using it than had made a reservation.” Students need not fear being disturbed. “With the new models, it is even easier to see that the Nest is in use.”

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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