Student associations open again but ‘seated’: “As crowded and cosy as is permitted”

Student associations open again but ‘seated’: “As crowded and cosy as is permitted”

Beer taps are open again

29-01-2022 · News

Now that the COVID-19 measures have been eased, student associations are allowed to reopen their doors too. And they did so immediately, appeared from a round of telephone calls to the large associations.

Less than 24 hours after prime minister Mark Rutte announced the relaxing of the rules on Tuesday evening, the beer taps in the association buildings were already open again. A lot of preparation time wasn’t needed: the protocols for QR checks, walking routes and table set-ups were in place since before the last lockdown. “As associations, we have by now become used to dealing with the measures,” says Floor Otten, Bar, Building and Order Commissioner for KoKo.

This means checking the COVID-19 admission pass upon arrival, wearing face masks while walking about, maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres and only activities where everyone is seated. “This goes quite smooth,” Otten remarks. “Everyone is used to this already; in restaurants and in many other places it is no different.”

Other than that, it is doing what is possible within the limits of the measures, says Circumflex chairman Simon Hoek. “Members are welcome again for committee meetings or to study. And we are having drinks again in the evenings, albeit with a limited number of people.”

Just like with the other associations, members from the same household may be seated at the same table, at 1.5 metres distance from the next table. “In this way, we can welcome a maximum of 150 members at the same time,” says Hoek. At Tragos, the number is about 130 people, at Saurus and KoKo it is around 50 and 60 respectively. Although on Wednesday, it wasn’t exactly full: at the moment, many students have exams.

Larger events will still have to wait for the time being. InMosae, Circumflex’s large, annual open party, is planned to take place in three weeks’ time. “I am not very hopeful that we will be allowed to welcome more people by then,” says Hoek. “That is why we are looking for an alternative programme, within the present measures. But it is going to take place, because we want to uphold this tradition.”

Tragos sees things differently. Their foundation day gala is planned for 12 March, three days after the end date of the present set of measures. “We don’t want to do that sitting down, so it will only take place if the rules are relaxed further,” says chairman Robert Roosen. “Otherwise, we will change the date. We want to be able to welcome about six hundred people.”

And until that time, it is as busy and cosy in the club as the measures permit, says Roosen. “We are trying to make the best of it.”

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