UM yet again full of live

UM yet again full of live

As of January 31st there is again physical education

31-01-2022 · Photo reportage

“Welcome back on campus”, reads a large sign in front of the university library in Randwyck. The building is buzzing again; there is life at Maastricht University. After many weeks of online education, the classrooms are full again as of today. The biggest difference with the previous period before the lockdown: when it is not possible to keep one and a half meters distance, a mouth cap is mandatory, also during the tutorials. The copiers are running and the cantinas at the UNS40 and Link at the UNS50 are also busy.

On the other side of the river, at the School of Business and Economics, the university's call to come to campus has been well received: the lecture halls are full. Students are studying in the hallway and the cooks are busy in the kitchen on the first floor. In the mensa people are eating, drinking and chatting.

The hallway between UNS40 and UNS50


The copier at UNS50​​


The mensa at UNS40​​​​​​


Education room at UNS50


Education room at SBE


Tutorial at SBE


Studying in the hallway at SBE


Author: Yuri Meesen

Photos: Observant

Tags: covid-19

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