UNS 50 renovation: the logistical transfer puzzle can begin

UNS 50 renovation: the logistical transfer puzzle can begin

Project will take 8 years from start to finish


MAASTRICHT. It started with an excavator and some railings; in the meantime, the first ceilings have been broken through. The long-awaited renovation of Universiteitssingel 50 has started. The whole building will be redeveloped over the coming years. Partly to replace old materials (the building originates from 1992), partly to lay out the spaces differently in order to meet the current laboratory and other requirements.

The southern section of the building (the side that borders on Universiteitssingel 60) is first on the schedule. It will have not only offices on the first floor but also laboratories. This should be completed by September. A new technical room will be set up in the basement and include the air control installations (ventilation etc.). Later this year, the fourth floor will be dealt with.

During all of this, UNS 50 will continue to be used, which took rather a lot of preparation time. For example, figuring out where people would go when their section of the building was being renovated and tests were carried out to ensure minimal disruption. This means that even the mice that are sensitive to sound will not be troubled by drilling elsewhere in the building, said director Winnie Bosch during the faculty council meeting in January.

Author: Cleo Freriks

Photo: Joey Roberts

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